Equinor celebrates supply chain emissions reductions

Total emissions have been reduced by 37% since 2011

The Big Zero report

Norwegian energy giant Equinor has reduced CO2 emissions from its logistical operations by 600,000 tonnes over the last seven years.

That include helicopters and vessels used for supply, emergency response, rig moves and storage and is equivalent to the annual emissions from all cars in Oslo.

Total emissions in its supply chain have been reduced by 37% – the company has set a target to halve emissions by 2030, based on the 2011 level.

Equinor says an increasing number of shipowners with supply vessels in its portfolio are prepared for hybrid battery operation and shore-to-ship power supply, one of several measures to reduce emissions in logistics as operations can be run without the use of fossil fuels.

The power-from-shore solution was launched at the Johan Sverdrup oil field last October.

Philippe F. Mathieu, Head of Equinor’s joint operations support cluster said: “We need broad co-operation if we are to reduce emissions from our supply chain… We influence operations by our management of day-to-day activities, commercially by rewarding low emissions in contracts and strategically by supporting a business that utilises vessels, vehicles and helicopters in a proper way.

“We have an ambition of moving all vessels on long term contract with us to shore power because we have seen that it is an efficient tool for reducing emissions. We note that shipowners, crews, base companies and authorities are strongly committed and willing to prepare for operation and infrastructure that will help reduce emissions.”

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