Winners of £14m hydrogen vehicle competition revealed

The innovative technology the vehicles use has long range and fast refuelling capability

Big Zero Report 2022

The government has revealed five winners of a £14 million competition to fund hydrogen fuel cell vehicle projects.

The innovative technology the vehicles use has long range (300+ miles) and fast refuelling capability (three to five minutes), with winning projects including consortiums representing the Tees Valley, the South East, Northern Ireland, Wales, Mersey region and Scotland.

They will collectively deliver five new hydrogen refuelling stations, 73 fuel cell passenger vehicles and 33 fuel cell buses across the UK.

Jesse Norman, Future of Mobility Minister said: “The government wants all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040 and getting the right infrastructure and investment in place is key.

“Record levels of electric vehicle registrations, along with the innovation being generated by our world class research base, clearly show the UK is on track in the transition to greener transport.”

The government has also awarded more than £6 million to 17 local authorities to install charging points for green cabs across the country.

Additional Information

The winning projects are as follows:

Project Stations Vehicles Grant request
Tees Valley Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Initiative

Consortium: Tees Valley Combined Authority (UK), Materials Processing Institute, Northern Gas Networks

2 – Middlesbrough & Stockton on Tees 5 cars £1,303,500
Hydrogen Mobility Expansion Project II

Consortium: Element Energy, ITM Power (trading) Ltd, Toyota (GB) Plc, Hyundai Motor UK Ltd

1 – Crawley 51 cars £3,070,000
Northern Ireland Hydrogen Transport

Consortium: Viridian Energy Supply Limited, Translink (Ulsterbus), HyEnergy Consultancy Ltd

1 – Belfast 3 buses £1,953,937
Riversimple Clean Mobility Fleet

Consortium: Riversimple Movement Ltd, Monmouth County Council

17 cars £1,249,670
Towards commercial deployment of FCEV buses and hydrogen refuelling

Consortium: BOC Ltd, Merseytravel (Liverpool City Region, Aberdeen City Council and Arcola Energy)

1 – St Helens 30 buses – [5 in Aberdeen and 25 in Liverpool] £6.419,038
Total 5 106 (73 cars & 33 buses)



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