Electric frankencar hits the road – behold the Teslonda!

The battery-powered vehicle is a retro Honda Accord fitted with a high-performance Tesla motor

Big Zero Report 2022


A US-based innovator has created the Teslonda – a retro Honda Accord powered by a high-performance Tesla motor.

Jimmy Built has achieved a 0-60mph acceleration in the DIY electric car in just 2.48 seconds, nearly as fast as a Tesla Model S straight out of the showroom.

It uses a single ‘Performance Large Tesla Drive Unit package’ from HSR Motors, a company offering refurbished motors and equipment for use in electric conversions.

The Teslonda’s electric engine has a 400kW peak power output, equating to around 536 horsepower.

The frankencar also uses a battery pack from a Chevrolet Volt, which the maker says supports a higher discharge than the Tesla option.

Talking about the first iteration of the all-electric drag racing car on his YouTube channel, Jimmy Built said: “Some of our first 0-60 mph testing in Teslonda.

“We managed to get 2.7 seconds out of her and that is with 38°C asphalt, cold tires and a cold battery. I’m thinking 2.5 seconds is possible.”

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