EU’s 2020 energy efficiency target gap ‘continues to widen’

Latest figures reveal energy consumption in the EU continued to increase for the third consecutive year

The gap to the EU’s energy efficiency target for 2020 has continued to widen, according to latest official figures.

Data from Eurostat reveals energy usage in the EU continued to increase for the third consecutive year, thus moving away from the binding energy efficiency goal of cutting consumption by 20% by 2020.

Primary energy usage amounted to 1,561 million tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) in 2017 while final energy consumption – used by end users such as households, industry and agriculture – reached 1,222Mtoe.

To ensure the 2020 target is reached, primary energy consumption should amount to no more than 1,483Mtoe and final energy usage to no more than 1,086Mtoe next year.

In 2017, primary energy usage in the EU was 5.3% above the energy efficiency goal for 2020 while final energy consumption was 3.3% above the target.

Final energy use peaked in 2006, at 1,195Mtoe and fell by 0.6% per year between 2006 and 2017.

To ensure a 32.5% reduction by 2030, primary energy usage should not exceed 1,273Mtoe and final energy consumption should be no more than 956Mtoe.

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