New offering allows service providers to smarten up to energy data

n3rgy says opening access to current and historic energy data and tariff information will create a true smart data revolution

Smart data

A new product has been launched to help tech and service providers access consumer smart meter data.

The service, called n3rgy, aims to open up access to current and historic energy data and tariff information, for every home and business with a smart meter.

Its creator, Matt Roderick, former-CTO of smart technologies organisation DCC, said along with project partners Critical Software, it will remove the capital costs, permissions and regulatory hurdles that have typically proved barriers to entry for innovative new tech and service providers.

Until now, these groups would have had to rely on suppliers giving access to consumer data, use expensive aggregator platforms and sign up to the Smart Energy Code.

Mr Roderick said: “My time at the DCC showed me that the value in smart metering comes from the data – and we needed an easier way to put the data in the hands of the consumer and organisations that provide benefit to them.

“This new product removes the barriers to accessing consumers own smart metering data – facilitating innovative new products and services – that will create a true smart data revolution.”

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