UK aid supports community recycling in Kenya

WasteAid is working with a local partner to develop a waste and recyling centre in Kwa Muhia

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The UK Government has awarded funding worth up to £50,000 to set up a waste and recycling centre in Kenya.

Waste management charity WasteAid will work with local partner Kwa Muhia Environmental Group on the project that is expected to help create green jobs and contribute towards a cleaner environment.

It says the community, Kwa Muhia, with around 7,000 residents has no formal sanitation or waste management provision and Lake Naivasha is under threat from plastic pollution from the community and agricultural runoff from nearby flower farms.

The two organisations are gathering baseline data and preparing a site for the new recycling facility and will be running a campaign to raise awareness.

Duncan Oloo, KMEG Project Manager said: “This project will improve public health in the village by reducing diseases spread by uncollected rubbish, especially among young children who play on the waste dumps. We are reaching out to all members of the community to help us and we are working with the less advantaged to help us in our mission towards zero waste.

“This UK Aid-funded project will also stop waste from Kwa-Muhia polluting Lake Naivasha which is an internationally important wetland site. Overall the project is good for people, good for the environment and makes good economic sense too.”

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