Nikola buys 400 acres of land to build hydrogen truck plant

The low carbon vehicle firm plans to build its hydrogen-electric trucks at the facility in Pinal County, US

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Nikola Motor Company has bought approximately 400 acres of land in the US, on which it plans to build a manufacturing plant for its hydrogen-electric trucks.

The property, situated in Pinal County at Inland Port Arizona in Coolidge, was secured with real estate investment and development firm Saint Holdings.

The low carbon vehicle and technology firm plans to put together its hydrogen-fuelled ‘class 8’ trucks at the location and anticipates the project could bring around 2,000 jobs to the region by 2024.

Nikola expects the move to help Pinal County transform into a vehicle manufacturing hub and drive a new automotive industry in Arizona, boosting property values and improving schools, parks and other parts of the city.

The company claims it has received more than 13,000 pre-orders for the trucks.

Elsewhere in hydrogen fuel news, a South Korean drone producer has conducted a hydrogen-powered test flight lasting nearly 11 hours.

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