Got an innovative solution for flexible energy trading?

The flexibility to be traded could be provided from a range of sources, including energy storage and demand side response

Pathway to COP26 report

Up to £4 million is being offered for the development and demonstration of innovative solutions to trade flexible energy.

The flexibility to be traded could be provided by domestic or business consumers from a range of sources, including energy storage, demand side response (DSR) and demand reduction or generation.

The Flexibility Exchange Demonstrator Competition, or FleX, is expected to fund up to three demonstration projects, with each trial to involve “a significant number of distinct, real participants engaging in physical delivery of services” to the electricity system.

BEIS says a proportion of these participants should be domestic or small commercial customers, either participating directly or through aggregators or community groups.

Project teams can apply for up to £2.5 million grant for each demonstration project – funding will not be provided for technologies or approaches which are already widely or commercially deployed in the UK or elsewhere or which are very similar to those being tested in other existing or planned innovation projects.

The deadline to register interest is 11th April and proposals must be submitted by 18th April 2019.

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