US awards $20m for AI and machine learning in energy tech

The programme aims to incorporate AI into the engineering design processes for energy technologies

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The US Government is providing up to $20 million (£15.3m) to accelerate the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into the engineering design processes for energy technologies.

The Department for Energy’s (DOE) DIFFERENTIATE programme has identified six general mathematical optimisation problems that are common to many design processes.

It conceptualises several machine learning tools that could help engineers execute and solve these problems “in a manner that dramatically accelerates the pace of energy innovation”.

Proposals are expected to identify a selected challenge problem, an anticipated solution, a data acquisition strategy, major development risks and an anticipated path to market for the final tool or software developed.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said: “Artificial intelligence and machine learning has the potential to literally transform every aspect of the world as we know it and accelerating this technology is crucial to strengthening our country’s economic and national security.

“DOE-fuelled artificial intelligence is being utilised across all sectors, from strengthening cybersecurity and national security, increasing energy efficiency, optimising grid security and resiliency and developing innovative health solutions.”

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