The Delivery Group revs up investment in greener vehicles

The mail and courier company is switching its fleet in central London to electric vehicles

Big Zero Report 2022

Mail, courier and specialist logistics company The Delivery Group (TDG) has announced a “six-figure investment” in low emission vehicles.

It is switching its fleet in central London to electric vehicles (EVs), with the intention of rolling out additional greener vehicles across other sites, including Kent, Luton and Warrington, later this year.

The news comes amid the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London, which applies to vehicles that don’t meet the new stricter emissions standards.

Most cars, vans, minibuses and motorcycles have to pay £12.50 on average, which will apply 24 hours a day and seven days a week, while lorries face a much higher daily ULEZ charge of £100.

Mark Calladine, MD, TDG London and Kent said: “This is a significant and important investment for our business, our clients want to partner with a supplier that proactively seeks to provide the most sustainable and environmentally efficient service – allowing them to meet their own sustainability targets too.

“The ULEZ initiative has sharpened minds and driven action but we don’t intend for this to simply be an initiative for the London region. Over time, we are looking to replace all of our fleet with more environmentally efficient models as part of a broader green focus.”

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