Deal signed for engineering designs at new plastic-to-hydrogen facility

Waste2Tricity has signed a binding heads of terms for engineering services with PowerHouse Energy for the new plant in Cheshire

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Waste2Tricity has partnered with PowerHouse Energy (PHE) to develop engineering designs for a new plastic-to-hydrogen facility in the UK.

They say the deal marks the first step to turning unrecyclable plastic into high-grade hydrogen that can be used either as a transport fuel or to generate clean electricity for export to the grid.

The method has been developed by Powerhouse Energy over several years at the University of Chester Energy Centre and the new plant will be located at Peel Environmental’s 54-acre Protos site near Ellesmere Port in Cheshire.

Waste2Tricity’s Chairman, John Hall says: “Signing this agreement with PowerHouse Energy means this technology will soon be ready for a large scale roll out to eliminate the bulk of ocean plastics and making hydrogen the go-to fuel for the future.”

The companies say the next stage of development will involve tweaking the technology to allow it to produce hydrogen for use in a distributed gas network.

Steel giant ArcelorMittal is currently investigating how hydrogen gas could be used to slash the carbon intensity of steel production.

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