Bork Business 5 – Let’s Talk GROWTH

Bork Biz is your regular look at the world of business and work but not as you know it.

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The Fifth episode of the Bork Business series. Content for this episode centres around hunger and passion for a business and if that is what you need to get growth. Sumit and Geoff started their media company Energy Live News as a business, however ran it like a project to start with. No business plan and no real research, yet it grew and grew. Was that simply down to selling the business hard because of entrepreneurial hunger?

What makes some business people such a success? Is it that they are more hungry than the rest of us to get that deal, bag a client, make a sale? Or is it all about risk taking and gambling everything? Do you have to risk all as a start-up? Join the conversation about how much an ‘ordinary’ business person can do to grow their company and if we all really need to be like the elite business people such as Richard Branson and Steve Jobs if we are to become successful.

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