Essex becomes home to energy efficient Energiesprong project

Moat Homes Limited has teamed up with ENGIE to launch a five-home pilot scheme in Maldon

Big Zero Report 2022

A zero-carbon home retrofit project has been launched in Essex by Moat Homes Limited and ENGIE.

The pilot scheme in the town of Maldon is based on the Energiesprong model and is supported by EU funding.

Moat Homes Limited has appointed ENGIE to provide energy efficiency improvements to five existing houses, with the aim of reducing fuel poverty and improving the health of residents.

The long-term aim is for the properties to become fully self-sufficient – they will achieve this through a range of new green features, such as roof-mounted solar panels, battery storage, special wall panels to to make the properties air tight, energy efficient pitched roofs and Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) units for heat and ventilation.

The final energy performance for each property is expected to be near net carbon zero.

ENGIE will maintain the homes and guarantee their energy performance for the next 30 years.

Jason Amos, Director of Property Services for Moat, said: “The whole house retrofit works being undertaken on our five Essex homes implement and encourage sustainable methods of conduct that involves the customer, contractor and housing provider alike.

“A project such as this operating at scale could help the Government meet carbon reduction targets, whilst simultaneously combatting fuel poverty issues.”

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