French football league and WWF shoot and score to save the planet

The new partnership aims to reduce the ecological footprint of football clubs across France

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France’s professional football governing body and WWF have teamed up to reduce the ecological footprint of football clubs across the country.

The partnership between the environmental charity and Ligue de Football Professionnel (LFP) aims to raise awareness among players, fans and the rest of the public about the environmental impacts of water usage, energy consumption, rubbish and transport – each football game played has a huge impact in all of these areas.

WFF says it will provide teams in the league with guidelines on specific environmental challenges and help clubs improve their environmental performance through actions such as phasing out single-use plastics from stadiums.

The LFP will use giant stadium screens to broadcast messages about the importance of looking after the environment and call for donations to support biodiversity in both the first and second professional football leagues.

Nathalie Boy de la Tour, President of the LFP, said the scheme “aims to make our public and our players aware of the environmental issues”.

She added: “We want stadiums to reduce their waste and put in place a zero plastic and zero deforestation policy on food during matches.”

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