Nestlé supply chain ‘now 77% deforestation-free’

The firm has committed to ensuring none of its products are associated with the environmentally-damaging process by 2020

Big Zero Report 2022


Nestlé’s supply chain is now 77% deforestation-free.

In 2010 the company committed to ensuring that none of its products would be associated with the environmentally-damaging process of cutting down forests by 2020.

It says has used a combination of tools, including certification, supply chain mapping, on-the-ground assessments and Starling satellite imaging to achieve the reduction.

Starling is a tool provided by Airbus Defence and Space, TFT and SarVision – it allows users to work out where deforestation is happening, what is driving it and who is involved.

The company then uses it to solve the issue – Nestlé is currently using it to monitor its palm oil supply chain, with pilot projects to do the same for pulp and paper also underway.

Magdi Batato, Executive Vice President and Head of Operations at Nestlé South Africa, said: “Innovation and technology like Starling is accelerating our journey towards zero deforestation.

“This is transforming the way we manage deforestation risks in our palm oil supply chain – we are using this tool to hold our suppliers and ourselves accountable.”

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