TESS 2019: Electrifying business vehicle fleets ‘already makes economic sense’

Haven Power’s Vehicle Lead Adam Hall will be discussing this issue at TESS 2019

Big Zero Report 2022

Adam Hall

Electrifying business vehicle fleets already makes economic sense.

That’s the verdict from Haven Power’s Vehicle Lead Adam Hall, who will be hosting a session at The Energy Solutions Show 2019 in Birmingham’s Millennium Point on the 5th of June.

He suggests electric vehicles (EV), which represent a small but rapidly growing part of the transport market, not only offer significant environmental and noise pollution benefits for businesses, but can also help save a significant amount of money.

Mr Hall notes compared to internal combustion engine vehicles, battery-powered EVs also offer a range of non-transportation related services, such as energy storage capabilities and the provision of increased grid flexibility.

He accepts that integrating EVs into business fleets can pose a range of challenges but emphasises that these can be overcome with the right planning.

In his session Mr Hall will use his experience of working with business customers to highlight the opportunities and challenges offered by the rapidly-developing technology.

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