Corona says screw waste with stackable new cans

The beer brand says the innovation could end the use of environmentally-damaging plastic rings

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Corona has unveiled stackable beer cans it says could end the use of environmentally-damaging plastic rings.

Traditional plastic connector rings used to hold together packs of beer and other canned drinks can cause a great deal of harm to animals by getting caught around their necks and bodies.

Advertising Agency Leo Burnett helped the beer brand develop the new concept, which it calls the Fit Pack – it enables cans to be connected together to form a long, pole-like six-pack.

The innovative cans screw into one another, meaning they require no additional packaging at all.

Corona says the design is a significantly better option than edible, compostable and glue-based alternatives.

Clarissa Pantoja, Corona Brand Director at AB InBev, said: “We want this solution to be open-source to everyone so the entire industry has access to the blueprints.”

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