EVBox and Smappee team up to roll out smart chargers

The new solution allows users to connect solar panels to their home charging station

Global charging points manufacturer EVBox and smart energy management firm Smappee have joined forces to roll out smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers that can be connected to solar panels.

The new EVBox Smart Charging solution adds a module to the meter cupboard that enables drivers to charge their vehicles in a smarter way, by balancing the energy use of their charging station with other appliances in the building.

In particular, during peak hours when more appliances are being used or when multiple drivers connect their EVs at the same time, the dynamic load balancing feature will avoid overloading the grid and ensure the “most efficient use” of the available power capacity.

The new solution also allows users to connect the solar power they generate to their home charging station and an app provides them with real-time data on charging, as well as other electricity consumption and renewable production.

EVBox says its charging points helped reduce around 18,450 metric tons of carbon emissions on average last year.

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