Vast majority of EV drivers ‘willing to use smart charging tech’

A new study reveals most people would be happy to have their charging automatically managed to avoid times of peak grid demand if it cut their energy bills

The Big Zero report

Up to 95% of electric vehicle (EV) drivers are willing to use smart charging.

That’s the conclusion reached in a three-year study commissioned by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), which reveals the vast majority of people would be happy to use the technology to avoid times of peak grid demand if it resulted in their energy bills being reduced.

The study, which gathered in-depth data from vehicles and charge points for 584,000 miles of journeys and 15,700 charge events, found 85% of plug-in hybrid EV drivers also preferred smart charging over dumb charging.

The results show consumers are willing to pay more money for an EV, as long the return on investment from cheaper running costs took less than five years, while 90% of consumers said they would consider an EV as their main car if its range was increased to 300 miles, showing range anxiety is still an issue to be dealt with.

Energy Systems Catapult’s Infrastructure and Engineering Lead, Liam Lidstone, said: “We found that different forms of smart charging at home, appealed to between 77% and 95% of mainstream consumers.

“Understanding this potential is essential, because it helps to plan effective electricity network reinforcement, make better use of cleaner renewable energy and limit the need for more polluting generation at peak times.”

New regulations dictate that all car manufacturers must now install noise-emitting devices in new types of quiet EVs to ensure safety.

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