New contract sees 100 public water fountains make a splash across London

In a bid to reduce the amount of single-use plastic being generated from bottled water usage, MIW Water Cooler Experts are deploying the green infrastructure across the city

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A water cooler company has won a Thames Water contract to deploy 100 outdoor drinking water fountains across London.

In a bid to reduce the amount of single-use plastic being generated across the city, MIW Water Cooler Experts is now working with the Mayor of London to encourage people to use refillable containers rather than buying environmentally-intensive bottled water.

An initial network of 100 drinking water fountains will be available across busy areas of London, starting in July.

The company suggests the average adult in London buys more than three plastic water bottles every week, adding up to around 175 bottles every year.

It claims the production of bottled water is around 500 times more carbon intensive than tap water.

The fountains are resistant to vandalism and also have freeze protection built in, meaning they will be operational even during winter months.

Steve Spencer, Chief Operating Officer at Thames Water, said: “Tap water is incredible value for money and just as good as bottled water, but without the plastic packaging so we want people to enjoy it by using the fountains.

“Together we can all drive down plastic waste from single-use water bottles, helping to care for our rivers and oceans, now and for generations to come.”

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