OVO Energy targets net zero emissions by 2030

It is buying Big Six company SSE’s retail business, which once approved, will make OVO the second largest energy supplier in the UK

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OVO Energy has made a commitment to halve its household customers’ carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions across its own operations by 2030.

The pledge follows the announcement to buy Big Six company SSE’s energy services business, which will make OVO the second largest energy supplier in the UK, following regulatory approval.

It has set out the company’s new vision and strategic direction for the next 10 years, dubbed ‘Plan Zero’, to drive progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions, pledging to hold itself accountable to science-based targets aligned to a 1.5°C increase in global temperatures.

It has also made a commitment to optimise five million homes with flexible, low carbon technology through the use of smart meters and by intelligently controlling smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers and heating systems to help customers save money and reduce carbon.

In addition, OVO has pledged to ensure 70% of its fleet consists of EVs by the end of 2020, increasing it to 100% by 2025.

Its new membership model has been designed to make it easier for its customers to curb their own carbon emissions – they will receive access to OVO Carbon Tracker, which is a tool that estimates their carbon footprint and encourages them to take steps reduce their emissions.

A new service called ‘OVO Beyond’ will also offer members the chance to upgrade to 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas. Members will also have access to OVO’s boiler repair network and discounts on further cleantech services.

OVO ensures no coal or nuclear is part of its fuel mix – it guarantees at least 33% renewable energy on standard tariffs.

CEO and Founder Stephen Fitzpatrick said: “It’s clear we all have to work towards a world beyond carbon. It’s clear that government and business need to lead the way and take bold action or risk losing the trust of the people they serve. Plan Zero sets out how OVO will play its part.

“Starting now, we’re going to be measuring ourselves now by how much energy we sell but by how much we move the dial on carbon. We’re mobilising all our customers to form a zero carbon community and providing them with tools and services they need to help them eliminate the carbon emissions from their homes.”

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