Could US carbon capture project promise negative-emission fuels?

A new project in Mississippi suggests the answer is yes – it will convert waste woody biomass into diesel and aviation fuel while capturing any emissions released during the process

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Could a new carbon capture and utilisation project in the US promise negative-emission fuels?

Velocys, Inc, a subsidiary of Velocys plc, says yes – it has signed an agreement with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures (OLCV) to capture carbon dioxide from its planned Bayou Fuels biomass-to-fuels project in Natchez, Mississippi, which will take waste woody biomass and convert it into diesel and aviation fuel.

OLCV will take, transport and store carbon dioxide captured from the Bayou Fuels facility, before securely storing it underground in geologic formations.

it claims this process will enable the production of transportation fuels that have a net-negative carbon intensity.

The firm says the solution could be replicated at other facilities, including Velocys’ UK project, for which the firm recently submitted a planning application to build what it claims it Europe’s first commercial-scale waste-to-jet fuel facility.

Richard Jackson, President of OLCV, said: “Carbon capture, utilisation and sequestration is essential to reducing the carbon intensity of the transport sector and achieving global climate goals.

“This project illustrates how CCUS can enable production of zero-carbon and negative-carbon fuels.”

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