BHE Canada plans to build 117.6MW wind farm in Alberta

The firm hopes to break ground on the proposed facility in Alberta at the turn of the decade

The Big Zero report

BHE Canada has announced plans to build 117.6MW wind farm in Canada, with construction scheduled to start in 2020.

The firm says the proposed Rattlesnake Ridge Wind facility in Alberta will provide enough low-cost, clean energy to supply the equivalent of 79,000 homes.

Its 28 turbines will provide approximately 475GWh of wind power per year, much of which will be purchased by a large corporate partner through a power purchase agreement (PPA).

William Christensen, Vice President Corporate Development of BHE Canada, said: “BHE Canada is excited to take this first step into the Alberta market, providing low-cost, renewable energy. We’re looking forward to more opportunities to invest in Alberta’s energy industry.”

The project is expected to begin generating energy for Alberta’s grid in December, 2021.

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