Energy Live Expo 2019: Podcast with CBRE’s Kam Singh

He will be speaking at the event on 5th November at the QEII Centre in London

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There are a lot of challenges involved in going green – but how can they be overcome?

Find out at Energy Live Expo on 5th November at the QEII Centre in London, which centres around the theme of ‘Climate Change – Doing our Bit’.

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Kam Singh, Director of Energy at CBRE, told ELN that companies need to understand a significant investment is often required to become more sustainable and reduce their emissions but noted they should see this as an opportunity for long-term growth rather than a barrier.

To find out more about the journey towards a low carbon future, make sure you listen to the whole series of podcasts we have already published in the leadup to the event and come along on 5th November to hear more about the role businesses are playing in helping to tackle climate change.

For more details about Energy Live Expo, click here. Tickets are free for energy end-users so don’t forget to register.

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