Moixa breaks 10k battery milestone in Japan

The firm claims it is now managing the world’s largest single fleet of smart batteries

The Big Zero report

Moixa is now managing what it claims is the world’s largest single fleet of smart batteries, made up of 10,000 home storage devices spread across Japan.

The smart technology and electric vehicle (EV) charging firm says these batteries can provide a power output of 100MWh and suggests they will “pave the way for mass EV smart charging and further international expansion”.

The milestone was achieved within one year of launching the GridShare Japan service with its partner ITOCHU.

Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa, said: “We want to accelerate the global transition to a zero-carbon energy system.

“Smart charging of batteries in homes and electric vehicles provides the critical tool to help achieve decarbonisation by storing and shifting solar and wind-resources. At the same time, it helps save money for consumers and reduce infrastructure cost.”

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