Could Christmas hams be the key to clean transport?

Renewable fuel manufacturer Neste is to use waste fats from Finland’s Christmas hams to make clean diesel

Big Zero Report 2022

A renewable fuel manufacturer is to use waste fats from Finland’s Christmas hams to make its products.

Neste’s Ham Trick campaign, known as Kinkkutemppu in Finnish, will return for its fourth year in a row to collect waste fats from Christmas dishes and recycle them into renewable diesel to help reduce emissions from the transport sector.

Last year, 185,000 Finnish households participated in the scheme – this year, Neste hopes to increase the number of participants to 200,000.

It says the fuel created from the waste fats enables motorists to decrease their carbon footprint by up to 90%, compared to the use of fossil diesel and notes it has converted 100,000 kilograms of used cooking fats during the last three years.

Lars Peter Lindfors, Senior Vice President, Innovation at Neste, said; “It is great that the Ham Trick now takes place for the fourth time in a row, showing how well the Finnish people have adopted circular economy thinking.

“The Ham Trick has become a part of the Christmas traditions for many Finnish households. It also demonstrates the power of cooperation which is needed in making circular economy work.”

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