Highview Power announces plans to develop liquid air energy storage system in US

The facility, which will have a capacity of at least 50MW, is to be located in northern Vermont

Highview Power Storage and Encore Renewable Energy have announced plans to build what they claim will be the first long-duration, liquid air energy storage system in the US.

The facility, which will have a capacity of at least 50MW, is to be located in northern Vermont.

The technology uses excess or off-peak electricity to clean and compress air at subzero temperatures – when electricity is in high demand and more valuable, the pressurised gas is allowed to warm, turning a turbine as it expands and generating energy in the process.

The project is the first of many similar projects Highview Power plans to develop across the country to scale up renewable energy deployment and integrate intermittent solar and wind resources onto the grid.

It will also help stabilise the regional electrical grid, enable frequency management services and ensure future energy security during storms and other disruptions.

Salvatore Minopoli, Vice President of Highview Power USA, said: “With their expertise in community-scale solar photovoltaic systems, traditional battery storage applications and solutions for the redevelopment of under-utilised properties, Encore Renewable Energy is a perfect partner for us as we continue expanding our technology in the US.”

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