Secret Star

Deadline for entry is 5 p.m. on 20th April

We are after your Secret Star. You know this person – the one who just gets on with it, never moans, does what is vital but is often unnoticed. The one who you know your business can’t do without but the one who never makes a song and dance about it. Time to put them deservedly in the spotlight, nominate them as your Secret Star!

Please follow the simple guidelines:

  1. You may nominate up to TWO employees in your company as Secret Stars.
  2. For each Secret Star, please get their line manager to write up to 300 words as to why they make a great Secret Star. Then ask a customer who has worked with the Secret Star to have their say with another 300 words. Please fill in the application form below by 20th April.
  3. Please ensure that a different customer is used for each Secret Star and that each customer is namechecked with contact details.
  4. Each section (line manager and customer parts) will account for 50 marks.
  5. The final score will be out of 100.
  6. The top ten scoring Secret Stars will make up the shortlist for the secondary judging panel.
  7. Each entry should be only 600 words or less. Any answer that goes over the limit will be truncated.
  8. As the first judging panel will assess your entry anonymously, please do not use your company name or brands in any of the answers. Failure to do so will lead to that answer being deleted and no score being registered for that section.
  9. Judges’ decisions are final and binding; and no discussions or correspondence will be entered into relating to any of their decisions.
  10. Deadline for entry is 5 p.m. on 20th April. The shortlist will be announced on 25th May and the winner announced at the awards ceremony on 25th June.
  11. There is no entry fee for this award.
  12. Any entries shortlisted will be guaranteed a ticket to the awards ceremony.


TELCA 20' Entry - Secret Star

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