Businesses and non-profit groups offered £1.15m to bin food waste

The challenge is part of the government’s efforts to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025

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Businesses and not-for-profit organisations are being offered a share of £1.15 million to develop creative ways of tackling food waste.

That can include educating the public on how to store fresh food and turn food waste into new, edible products to address the pressing environmental challenge.

The competition is part of the government’s efforts to reduce food waste by 20% by 2025, as the UK wastes around 4.5 million tonnes of food every year.

The funding will be separated into two small-scale grants – The Citizens Food Waste Prevention grant worth £650,000 in total and The Value from Food pilot project grant worth £500,000 in total.

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said: “The UK is a proud world leader in tackling food waste, owing in part to the innovation and creativity of many organisations across the UK – from educating the public on food waste in our homes, to making our supply chains greener.

“I look forward to supporting UK organisations who are taking up the mantle to tackle food waste and to create a better world for ourselves, as well as generations to come. It makes sense in every way – it cuts collection costs, saves the customer money and importantly reduces emissions which benefits the environment.”

The government’s Food Waste Champion, Ben Elliot, has also announced he will hold the first ever ‘Food Waste Action Week’ from 11th May 2020 and is calling on households and businesses to join forces to reduce food waste.

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