New community solar farm powered up in Devon

The second phase of the 7.3MW Creacombe project has been built without subsidies

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The second phase of a new community ground-mounted solar farm in Devon that has been built without government subsidies is now complete and generating electricity.

Construction of the 7.3MW Creacombe community solar farm started in September last year and was energised in two stages.

The initial 4.4MW project was pre-accredited for the last remaining community Feed-in Tariff and commissioned at the end of December 2019 while the remaining 2.9MW, which is subsidy-free, was commissioned at the end of January 2020.

The project has been developed by Community Owned Renewable Energy Partners (CORE) and Yealm Community Energy (YCE), which is planning to launch an invest offer this summer to enable the community to invest directly in Creacombe, along with another nearby operational wind farm, Newtown Downs.

YCE Chair Peter Brown said: “It is over five years since Yealm Community Energy started to explore the idea of bringing a community solar farm to this part of Devon and we are very pleased that Creacombe has been able to navigate the ‘solarcoaster’ and is now complete and generating power.

“Both solar farms will be able to generate enough electricity to supply the equivalent of all the homes in our five local parishes helping to meet our net zero commitments. Equally important, once we have completed the share offer so they are community owned we expect to generate a healthy profit which will be spent locally to grow other exciting initiatives to tackle the climate crisis such as energy efficiency, electric vehicles and more green power generation.”

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