Moixa launches partnership for AI-powered EV charging

Its software will be integrated with Dutch firm Alfen’s EV chargers to create tailored charging plans for consumers

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Moixa has teamed up with Dutch firm Alfen to use artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software to enable drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce their home energy bills, cut emissions while delivering flexibility to the UK grid.

Under the trial, Moixa’s ‘GridShare’ software will be integrated with Alfen’s EV chargers to create personalised smart charging plans based on household energy consumption patterns, locally-produced solar energy and optimisation for time-of-use tariffs.

It will be rolled out across a limited number of homes under the initial phase of the project, with participants each receiving the AI-enabled charging technology free of charge.

The trial aims to evaluate the impact of smart charging on EV owners’ energy bills and emissions and the chargers will also be tested for their ability to participate in grid services by ramping the charging speeds up and down.

Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa said: “Adding Moixa’s intelligent home energy management to Alfen’s smart chargers is providing customers with a real cost incentive and enabling them to leapfrog the competition. Smart charging will be essential for supporting the acceleration of EVs onto the UK market.

“Up to a fifth of new cars will be EVs by 2026 and up to 36 million ‘batteries on wheels’ are forecast to be on UK roads by 2040. Smart charging solutions like our collaboration with Alfen will help drive this rapid growth and ensure our power networks don’t become overloaded.”

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