Talking Energy: ‘Heat has to go up the agenda if we want to hit net zero’

Richard Burrell of AMP Clean Energy, outlines his vision for heat decarbonisation for both industry and the public sector

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Heat decarbonisation needs to be at the heart of our energy future if we are to meet our 2050 target.

That’s the view of Richard Burrell, CEO of AMP Clean Energy, a distributed energy company which specialises in the use of biomass wood fuel.

Speaking to me in our latest episode of Talking Energy, he said: “If we are serious about hitting our net zero targets, heat has to go right up the energy agenda. The RHI was very well intentioned, the problem is that they got a bad bang for their buck, because they subsidised smaller systems rather than larger systems.

“We need a new replacement to it, which needs to be focused in off-gas heat areas, large users, ie corporates and be able to get people to attract investment to it.”

Mr Burrell says it is a positive step, to see the net zero target made policy and believes we will get there, if we take a holistic view.

During our conversation we also discussed funding for decentralised energy solutions and the future of neighbourhood heat plants and much, much more.

Watch the whole interview or listen to it as a podcast.

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