‘First’ waste-to-gas plant to be fired up in Greece

The new facility will use straw, corn and cotton stalk residues sourced locally from Greek farmers

Big Zero Report 2022

The ‘first’ facility that turns waste into gas will soon land in Greece.

Waste-to-energy technology group EQTEC said it had signed an agreement for the installation of what it claims to be the country’s first gasification plant.

The company has partnered with ewerGy GmbH and ECO Hellas, together with the owner and project developer Agrigas Energy who will own and operate the 0.5MW gasification installation, which is expected to be commissioned next year.

The facility will be in Larissa and will use straw, corn and cotton stalk residues sourced locally from farmers in the region.

David Palumbo, CEO of EQTEC, commented: “We are delighted to have been chosen as the preferred partner for the first biomass project in Greece utilising advanced gasification technology.  The Mediterranean agro-industry sector is one of our three main verticals and entering Greece has been a high priority for us.

“The strong support in Greece for the Green Economy is driven by the absence of adequate Energy from Waste infrastructure and by the recently announced EU Green Deal Policy.  We remain confident of the opportunity that exists for the Group in Greece and the Greater Mediterranean area.  Our intention is to develop this market through strategic partnerships in the relevant geographies.”

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