Webinar: Changes in the industry affecting you as an Energy Broker

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Pathway to COP26 report

This session will look at the upcoming legislative changes that affect the landscape for customers and TPI’s alike. In addition, we will look at how both customer and TPI behaviour is changing, and with it the role of the TPI. Finally we will discuss some of the ways in which TPI’s can prepare to meet the changing needs of customers.


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Speaker bio:

Alan Fordham, Commercial Director, SystemsLink

Alan is Commercial Director of SystemsLink where he is leading their continued growth in the broker area, with SystemsLink’s sophisticated software solutions. Alan has almost 20 years industry experience across several sectors of the industry, including senior positions at a major supplier and an energy aggregator. Alan has vast experience working with Brokers and Consultants and developing innovative solutions.

Georgina Penfold, Director: Public Service and Policy, Inspired Energy

George is one of the best-known and most-trusted voices in utilities management today. As a passionate advocate for energy consumers, George spends her time helping energy and estates management professionals access the tools and information they need to reduce costs and stay compliant. This includes a strong focus on education and communication, helping consumers respond to policy and regulatory changes and adapt their business strategy to take advantage of changes in the market, particularly around smart power and enabling technologies as we shift to a clean, dynamic energy system.

As a regular blogger, commentator and well-known personality in the sector, George is a skilled presenter, noted for her ability to explain difficult topics in an engaging and accessible way.

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