Switch2 Energy bags 40-year housing contract as ESCo partner

Under the contract, Switch2 Energy will design, operate and maintain the district heating scheme, which will use high efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP) with the option to transition to alternative low carbon energy sources in the future

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Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Association (MTVH) has appointed heat network specialist Switch2 Energy as energy service company partner to design a low carbon heat network at a former Shredded Wheat Factory South Site in Welwyn Garden City.

As many as 208 mixed tenure homes will have access to the heat network.

Stephen Lawson, Senior Development Manager at MTVH, said: “MTVH is committed to building greener, more eco-friendly homes, while keeping our energy supply cost effective in line with our promise to make housing affordable for our residents, allowing them to live well.

“With Switch2 Energy as our ESCo partner, we look forward to high-performing, low carbon energy.”

The contract will also cover supplying metering and billing technologies and services, along with managing all areas of heat network operation, servicing and maintenance.

CEO of Switch2 Energy Richard Slee, added: “We are delighted to partner with MTVH and will draw on more than 35 years of experience of developing and operating hundreds of heat networks to deliver this major ESCo project.

“We will design the energy centre to maximise efficiency and will use innovative optimisation and metering and billing technologies to maximise performance.”

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