Coping with Corona – Matt Allen, CEO of Pivot Power

What lessons have been learnt from coronavirus on the journey towards a net zero pathway? Watch the interview to find out…

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The coronavirus pandemic has shown how quickly people and businesses can drive change, particularly in the energy sector.

That’s the suggestion from Matt Allen, CEO of Pivot Power, who spoke to ELN Editor Sumit Bose in the third of a series of talks to discuss how the energy sector is coping with the coronavirus crisis.

He noted the energy sector has been in a state of uncertainty for a long time, allowing it to be semi-prepared for disruption and meaning it “has been able to keep the wheels on the road” as lifestyle and working habits have dramatically shifted.

Mr Allen told ELN the pandemic was likely to change the structure of businesses going forward by revealing the benefits and drawbacks of certain ingrained behaviours, such as every member of staff having their own desk and needing to come into the office every day perhaps being proved unnecessary.

He also spoke about the electric vehicle (EV) transition, suggesting the ban on sales of all new petrol and diesel vehicles being brought forward to 2035 was a “great step” but predicting that economics will “take over way before then and make sure this transition happens”.

The CEO added that despite the switch to EVs being potentially slowed by the pandemic due to global economic impacts and the fall in fossil fuel prices, the shift to electrified, low carbon transport “is absolutely the direction of travel, there’s no question about that at all”.

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