Indian energy firm pledges ₹257.5cr to support fight against covid-19

NTPC employees have contributed ₹7.5 crores through foregoing a month’s salary

The Big Zero report

India’s major power supplier, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), extended financial support to the government by contributing ₹250 crores  (£26m) to the Prime Minister CARES Fund, in its fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

NTPC employees also additionally donated ₹7.5 crores (£799,852) by foregoing one month of salary.

The firm is also supporting India’s response to the pandemic by placing educational banners in operational areas and encouraging people to stay safe and at home through announcements on loudspeakers.

NTPC is also working to acquire hand sanitisers and necessary medical supplies and plans to finance Covid-19 units at hospitals to contain the spread of the virus.

A press release by NTPC stated: “At various plant locations NTPC has made arrangements for food and medical facilities along with distribution of sanitisers and soaps for contract labourers, workers and to locals.

“Food packets, daily essentials groceries, milk and vegetables are regularly being supplied at many locations for the family members of workers.”

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