India’s nine minute ‘switch-off’ results in ‘unprecedented’ dip in power demand

Indians were asked to turn off lights on the 5th of April in a show of commitment and solidarity to fight covid-19

Big Zero Report 2022

Lightbulb in dark room

A nine-minute-long switch-off of electrical appliances in India over the weekend resulted in a 31,089MW drop in power demand on the 5th of April.

Following a nationwide call by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indians were asked to turn off all household appliances and light lamps in a show of solidarity against the novel coronavirus.

According to Power System Operation Corporation Ltd, a minimum demand of 85,799MW was recorded at 21:10hrs IST.

Reducing renewable energy generation and switching off transmission lines compensated for the drop in power demand.

The Power Ministry said: “Hospitals and all other essential services like public utilities, municipal services, offices, police stations, manufacturing facilities, etc. will remain on.

“The call given by the Prime Minister is to just switch off lights in residences.”

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