UKPN launches application to help with social isolation during covid-19 crisis

More than 3,000 UKPN employees will be able to access useful information through the app, which includes health support and news updates

Big Zero Report 2022

In a bid to help people cope with social isolation amid the Covid-19 crisis, UK Power Networks (UKPN) has developed a new mobile application.

Through the app, 3,000 UKPN employees – classed as key workers – will be able to access information while they continue to work during the pandemic.

The app also allows the public to access health support, news, grocery deliveries and information about home exercises and ways to deal with isolation.

Ian Cameron, Head of Customer services and Innovation, said: “Our top priorities during the coronavirus pandemic are the safety of the public and our employees and keeping power flowing to communities.

“It is vital that we continue to help our customers in vulnerable circumstances and support communities to the best of our ability and in the current climate we’re looking for new, innovative and useful ways to do that.”

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