Consumer behaviour ‘changes corporate carbon strategies’

That’s the suggestion from Vaughan Lindsay, CEO of ClimateCare who spoke to future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose about the accelerating growth of the carbon market

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Is it possible for an organisation to combine a viable business model and climate responsibility?

For Vaughan Lindsay, CEO of ClimateCare, who spoke earlier this week to future Net Zero Founder Sumit Bose, the answer is not just yes but that this is an inevitable requirement of a modern successful business – he said this was largely the result of consumer behaviour driving businesses to update and increase their corporate carbon strategies.

He said a business model can make money and help tackle climate emergency at the same time, according to his experience and suggested: “Because public awareness drives consumer behaviour change, all corporates are now waking up to that and they realise it is the right thing to do. And it’s also good business. So they have to do that in order to attract customers.”

Watch the full interview on our sister platform, future Net Zero.

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