New Zealand funds pop-up bike lanes to encourage social distancing

The project will start as soon as the country lifts the current lockdown measures

Big Zero Report 2022

The New Zealand Government has announced plans to fund councils to install temporary cycleways and expand footpaths to help people keep their distance from each other during the coronavirus pandemic.

The government is set to roll out extra funding for the clean transport infrastructure, which will start as soon as the country moves to alert level 3 from the current level 4.

Funding will come from the ‘Innovating Streets for People’ pilot fund, part of a wider programme that supports projects using ‘tactical urbanism’ techniques such as pilots and pop-up treatments that make it safer and more accessible for people walking and cycling in the city.

Julie Anne Genter, Associate Transport Minister, said: “When people begin to return to city centres after the lockdown, we want them to have enough space to maintain physical distance.

“Some of our footpaths in busy areas are quite narrow. Temporary footpath extensions mean people can give each other a bit more space without stepping out onto the road.”

UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said public transport, walking and cycling need to become the UK’s primary forms of transport in order to tackle climate change and reach net zero by 2050.

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