Earth Challenge 2020 invites ‘global citizens’ to protect the environment

The initiative encourages individuals across the globe to take civic action and contribute to a citizen-data cloud

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The recently launched Earth Challenge 2020 allows users across the globe to contribute to a cloud-based repository on health and environment.

By use of smartphones, users will be ‘enabled’ to act within their communities and address the problem of air and plastic pollution.

Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network, said: “Now, people everywhere can help build the most up-to-date scientific assessments needed globally, and at the same time take action locally. Everyone can become a citizen scientist and during the pandemic do so from the safety of their homes.”

The ‘Earth Day 2020 Challenge’ mobile application encourages citizens to contribute data and research that can help scientists and policymakers to understand and address environmental concerns at the local level.

The challenge marks the 50th Earth Day and will incorporate themes of water quality, food security and climate change in the coming months.

The initiate is a joint venture between Earth Day Network, the Wilson Center and the US Department of State’s Eco-Capitals Forum.

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