Vattenfall and Hyundai to offer ‘future-proof’ charging points

Dutch drivers will now be able to charge their EVs at home using ‘ready-to-install’ infrastructure or on-the-go using a charge card

Big Zero Report 2022


Vattenfall and Hyundai have entered a partnership to facilitate a smoother transition to electric driving in the Netherlands.

Hyundai is offering a ready-to-install 22kW ‘charging box’ for homes and businesses, while a charge card by Vattenfall will allow customers to charge their electric vehicle (EV) at public InCharge charging stations.

Pieter van Ommeren, Director of Vattenfall InCharge Netherlands, said: “Hyundai is an important partner for us towards a future with fossil-free transport. By partnering with one of the largest electric vehicle suppliers in the Netherlands, together we can make a real impact on the energy transition.

“Charging an electric car with a charging box is not only safer than via a regular socket but also faster. We have the ambition to place about a thousand charging boxes for Hyundai in 2020.”

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