Wärtsilä’s smart energy storage solution ‘to slash college’s power consumption’

Smart software charges the lithium-ion batteries when the energy price is low and discharges them when the price rises

Big Zero Report 2022

Wärtsilä has announced the deployment of a 5.4MWh ‘smart’ energy storage system at Georgian College in Ontario.

The system is expected to minimise the facility’s power costs by using energy storage to reduce electricity consumption when electricity demand is peaking.

As a result of the process, the college’s ‘Global Adjustment Charge’, a fee billed to all customers under Ontario’s 2009 Green Energy Act, will be reduced.

The energy storage project is based around lithium-ion batteries and is controlled by an advanced energy management software which enables the batteries to be charged when the electrical load is less than a pre-determined limit and to discharge the batteries during peak loads,

Furthermore, with its ability to respond to energy price fluctuations, the system can charge the batteries when the price is low and discharge them when the price rises.

Risto Paldanius, Director, Business Development, Energy Storage and Optimisation, commented: “The system will be used in Ontario for effective power management. Managed by our advanced energy management system software, it is a highly efficient means for controlling demand charge type costs.

“By responding to Global Adjustment peak discharge events to cover the load, the system will deliver significant economic and environmental benefits to the customer.”

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