EMEC and Marine Energy Wales set to reinforce Marine Energy Test Area in Wales

The META project in Wales allows developers to test scaled devices and conduct trials of marine energy projects to test devices ahead of deployment

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The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), together with Marine Energy Wales, is set to strengthen the Marine Energy Test Area (META) in Wales.

META is a testing facility that allows marine energy developers to test scaled devices at eight non-grid connected sites, before actual deployment – it seeks to enhance research and sustainable development across renewable sources such as wave, tidal, wind power.

As part of the new agreement, EMEC will provide guidance on data acquisition, installation and decommissioning of projects, amongst other provisions.

Bethan Simes, Project Coordinator for META, said: “META is one part of Wales’ strategy to use research and innovation to develop future solutions to climate change. Collaboration is critical to ensure we move innovation to commercial realisation and it is positive to see Scotland and Wales working together to progress this.

“META will also support our array scale test site plans at Morlais and Pembroke and continue to attract global innovators into Wales.”

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