Prysmian to develop 1GW cable connection project in Germany

The Italian cable-maker firm will design and commission the cable project, as part of a 300km German wind power transmission corridor

Big Zero Report 2022

Italian firm Prysmian has secured a €500 million (£438m) deal to manufacture and commission the 1GW A-Nord underground cable connection in Germany.

The contract was awarded by German grid operator Amprion GmbH – the cable connection forms part of the 2GW German Corridor electricity transmission project to transport wind power from the north of the country to the southern and western regions.

Prysmian will supply a 525kV High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable comprising of insulated copper cables and all related accessories to the project.

Construction of the HVDC system is scheduled to begin by 2023.

Hakan Ozmen, Prysmian Group, said: “We are delighted to be working with Amprion on this project: the A-Nord project will be one of the main arteries of the German transmission grid, connecting the key generation sites in Northern regions, characterised by many onshore and offshore wind energy sources, to southern regions, especially in West Germany, where more conventional power plant capacities are located.”

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