South Northamptonshire asks residents to slim their bins

With a climate change challenge held each month, the local authority focuses on ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the district

Residents in South Northamptonshire are being challenged to reduce, reuse and recycle more to help shrink their carbon footprint, save money and lessen the amount of waste they produce.

The local authority has set out a monthly climate change challenge – each month it focuses on a different topic and provide ideas and tips on what to do to live in a more sustainable way.

South Northamptonshire Council’s initiative helps people understand their impact on the environment by using the WWF carbon calculator.

Dermot Bambridge, South Northamptonshire Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Services, said: “If any item or product we throw away still has a use, then we are throwing away our hard-earned money too.

“So, this month we are asking everybody to see how much they can slim their bin by taking simple steps; such as reducing their food waste, finding ways to reuse things and challenging people to have a go at mending clothes and broken toys or other household items.”

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