GE Renewable Energy to support Pakistan’s renewable energy infrastructure

The energy company will supply a total of six hydropower turbines and generators to a 2.2GW plant, aimed at proliferating clean energy across Pakistan

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General Electric (GE) Renewable Energy is set to support Pakistan’s renewable energy infrastructure as part of a new energy project.

The energy company, in association with Powerchina Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited, will supply six new hydropower Francis turbines and generators to the Dasu hydropower plant in Pakistan.

GE Renewable Energy will provide design and installation for the six turbines.

The 2.2GW hydropower project has been approved by the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), which seeks to proliferate renewable energy in remote areas across Pakistan.

The Dasu hydropower plant will be commissioned in 2026 and is expected to provide clean energy to more than four million households in Pakistan.

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