Vestas launches full-electric service vehicle programme in China

The replacement of all Vestas service vehicles with EVs is estimated to result in an annual reduction of 35k tonnes of CO2

Big Zero Report 2022

Vestas has introduced its first full-electric service vehicle in China and has announced plans to convert all of its service vehicles to electric vehicles (EVs).

Service vehicles are to be used by the company’s service team to travel to wind farms – since it was introduced, the first vehicle has run more than 5,500 kilometres, saving one tonne of carbon dioxide.

It is estimated that if all Vestas service vehicles were replaced with EVs, the annual reduction in emissions could amount to 35,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

This would be the equivalent to the carbon dioxide reduction achieved by five V150-4.2MW turbines operating for a full year.

Currently, Vestas’ service fleet represents approximately 32% of the company’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Christian Venderby, Executive Vice President of Service, said: “The success of the first EV service vehicle in China validates the positive impact we can achieve with our roadmap towards becoming carbon-neutral.

“At Vestas, if we are to continue accelerating the energy transition, we need to ensure that we uphold our commitment to carbon-neutrality.”

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