Smart grids ‘can enhance energy security during pandemic’

GlobalData expects smart grids to ensure continuous power supply to critical infrastructure, amid the Covid-19 crisis

The Big Zero report

Smart grids could improve energy security across the globe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is according to data analysis company GlobalData, which expects smart grids to ensure a continuous electricity supply to critical infrastructure during the Covid-19 crisis.

The data company has recorded a shift in electricity consumption patterns during the lockdown and notes while domestic air-conditioning and heating across the globe have increased, demand from electric vehicle charging stations has diminished.

It suggests smart grids, with a host of technologies such as smart meters and renewable energy sources, can enhance grid flexibility and power supply.

According to its findings, many countries with smart grids have not faced project delays despite the Covid-19 crisis.

Somik Das, Senior Power Analyst at GlobalData, said: “Flexibility and resilience of the grid becomes a key parameter that can ensure energy security to critical infrastructures.

“Although it is highly unlikely that the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to blackouts, natural calamities such as hurricanes, wildfires and extensive rainfall would cause major outages and worsen the situation at emergency response centres, hospitals, critical healthcare facilities and essential services. Therefore, it is critical that the flexibility and resilience of the power grid is maintained to ensure energy security to critical infrastructures.”

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